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Takin' Care of (Your) Business

Relocating to a new office is an exciting endeavour, and you need the IT moving experts on your side! Leave the logistics up to us, while we give you the peace of mind that your new office will be properly set up and within your budget!

Server Moves, PC/Computer Relocation, Office Moves or an entire Data Centre Relocation anywhere in the Toronto and Ontario Region. We have moved companies from Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston and London.

We also provide computer roll outs and refresh services for any size of environment from Imaging workstations to physically replacing every workstation in your office from 5 – 5000 workstations.

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Exceptional Relocation Planning

No downtime. No efficiency lost. Just a seamless transition from one office to another.

Not only will you have more energy and time to focus on your business while we handle your IT needs, but you’ll experience happier and more productive employees, too. Sleep soundly tonight knowing that your electronic assets are optimized, maintained,  and protected – because ensuring your business’ technology runs smoothly is our top priority.

With You Every Step of the Way

Before the move:

  • Site Survey of all equipment on new site and existing site
  • Professionals document each workstation, noting the specific set up and profile of each one.
  • Each workstation is tagged and disconnected.
  • Keyboards, cables, and peripheral equipment are disconnected, packed into individually sealed and labeled anti-static bags
  • All printers, copier and other equipment is tagged and packed ready for safe shipment

After the move:

  • All computers and equipment are reconnected.
  • Power and cable management is tested.
  • Systems are powered up and tested.
  • Projects follow up on go live date with a qualified team of techs

Enjoy a Seamless and Easy Office Relocation

Move My Office coordinates all vendors’ schedules, logistics, and access requirements. Pre-move walkthroughs and pre-moves are completed with the movers. Crates or boxes are distributed, packing and tagging instructions are distributed and clean-out campaigns are held. Our staff will be on-site to provide move management to the movers and other vendors to maximize their efficiency and provide direction for every last detail of the move. Our move managers won’t leave until everything is confirmed in its correct location.

Smart Office Planning

Planning IT Relocation (disconnect & reconnect all IT equipment and servers with our in house professional IT staff) File Planning and Mapping Move Database (From/To Matrix) Move Logistics Preparation.

Relocation Budget Development

Avoiding business disruption and risk is paramount. We will ensure minimum downtown and understand the operational constraints of our clients. We then develop a migration plan that accommodates our client’s business rather than force the business to work around the move.

Building Management Coordination

From determining the best space plan, to identifying the optimal number of phases, to planning each move down to the minute and procuring a mover, Move My Office will leverage its experience as a corporate relocation specialist for over a thousand projects and millions of square feet moved to provide the assistance, advice and plans to execute a seamless relocation.

Ethical Disposal of Waste

We can also assist in decommissioning any vacated spaces by coordinating the disposal of assets and furniture or returning the space to meet all leasehold requirements. From the removal of low-voltage cabling to signage removal to capping off electrical and plumbing infrastructure, we will return a previously occupied space to whatever condition is required.

Our Clients

We are available 24/7 for any type of serve move we have the team to work on any project from small to clusters of racks!

Contact us today & relocate your office within your budget!